Adobe Captivate 8 Launches Today and Includes Responsive Design

Adobe Captivate 8 ImageAdobe announces the release of Captivate 8, with new features including the long-awaited Responsive Design.  It’s still $19.99/month for an annual contract.  If you own Captivate 7, you can also purchase a standalone version of Captivate 8 for $399, but Adobe has made it clear in the past that the ongoing subscription model is the only way to ensure that you receive all updates.

Adobe still doesn’t include Captivate and Presenter, their top two eLearning rapid development tools, in their Creative Cloud (where all the other eLearning enhancement tools you might want, like Edge, Photoshop, and more already live).  When I asked them why, I was told not enough people have asked for that.  Stay tuned for another post about it; together, maybe we can make them finally change their minds!

Read all about the new release here.

And here’s their blog post with more in-depth information.