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  • Free Gamification Course by Kevin Werbach Returns to Coursera!

    Learning folks! If you are serious about understanding and using principles of Gamification in your learning projects, Prof. Kevin Werbach is offering his superb and FREE online course on Gamification at Coursera starting this month (November)! Yes, this does require a few hours of work each week for the six week duration–but the assignments are […]

  • No-Budget Gamification Roundtable at ATD NYC Meeting on November 17th!

    These days everybody is talking about Gamification, and how applying elements or principles of it can enhance your learning interactions.  And it’s true: used strategically, Gamification can make your learning both more fun, and more memorable. But often people think they have to sign on with an expensive external provider that offers all the bells and whistles of […]

  • Free Your eLearning Navigation From the Straight and Narrow

    This week’s eLearning Heroes Challenge on the Articulate Forums was all about course navigation. And you know what?  It’s always a good time to talk about navigation. If you are still creating all your eLearning courses with a strictly linear path, then you’re missing a major opportunity to engage adult learners. I know what you’re thinking: […]

  • My New Interactive Sample Teaches Grammar With Humor

    My New Interactive Sample Teaches Grammar With Humor

    Admit it. Sometimes nice, bland characters aren’t all that interesting or engaging.  I’ve been an actor for more than 30 years, and I’m a character actor, which means I don’t play those handsome, kind-hearted “leading man” roles.  I play the offbeat people, which suits me perfectly. Ask any actor you know whether he or she would rather […]

  • Free Gamification Course on Starts January 26th!

    Folks: If you’ve been wondering about the principles of Gamification and how to apply them to your eLearning and other projects, you really owe it to yourself to take this free MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) by Professor Kevin Werbach on Coursera. It is fun, challenging, and will give you lots of understanding and ideas. It is […]

  • Fun With Flat Graphics and Manager Training!

    I got carried away again. The Articulate eLearning Heroes Challenge (#50) for this week was actually very simple: create an image of a workspace using the very popular (thanks, Apple) flat graphic design style. Easy, right? This is actually not a style I’ve really embraced, so that made it a good reason to take on the […]

  • Play My Fun New Call Center Game Demo

    Play My Fun New Call Center Game Demo

    This week’s eLearning Heroes’ Challenge on the Articulate Forum (Challenge #47, for those of you who are counting) was to create a quick sample of a call center module.  After all, sooner or later most customers have a need for some form of call center training.  Thanks, moderator David Anderson, for another great challenge! Since I […]

  • Your Input Needed for Upcoming Blog Post and Newsletter Topics

    Okay, I need some input from you folks: I’m working on my next quarterly newsletter. I see from my MailChimp report that a decent number of you are opening my newsletters, which is great, as I do put a lot of work into each issue. Links don’t seem to be of much interest to my […]

  • Free Learning Gamification eBook Available Online

    Christopher Pappas of eLearning Industry has put together a free eBook on using Gamification in Learning, with input from a host of gamification folks–including Karl Kapp. To read the eBook online, click the image or click here.

  • What MOOCs Should Mean To You

    IF YOU’D LIKE TO LISTEN TO OR DOWNLOAD THE PODCAST VERSION OF THIS POST, PLEASE SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM. ENJOY! I disagree strongly with a recent article about the purported “dangers” of Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, on The author’s generalizations about MOOCs, and the overall tone of the piece, are especially disappointing coming […]