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  • How to Stay Relevant (and Sane) in Hard Times

    The pandemic has resulted in a lot of people losing jobs, or being asked to take on new responsibilities. And even without a global health crisis, sometimes we can all feel overwhelmed and burned out by the demands of our careers. I created this little video to remind us all how we can rebalance the […]

  • May Contest! Win a Copy of My New Audiobook “Black Sails White Rabbits”

    I’m celebrating the release of my first audiobook narration, Black Sails, White Rabbits; Cancer Was The Easy Part, by holding a raffle! If you’d like to win a FREE copy of this audiobook, just make a comment on this post including your real name before 11:59pm on May 30th, 2016.  I will compile all the names, pick one at […]

  • Delivering Your Information With a Fun Soundboard

    My schedule these days is busy enough that I’m not always able to take part in the weekly eLearning Challenge over on the Articulate Forums. But there have been a couple recently I couldn’t resist as a voiceover artist. For one challenge, the task was to create a simple example of a soundboard; in other words, a […]

  • My New Interactive Sample Teaches Grammar With Humor

    My New Interactive Sample Teaches Grammar With Humor

    Admit it. Sometimes nice, bland characters aren’t all that interesting or engaging.  I’ve been an actor for more than 30 years, and I’m a character actor, which means I don’t play those handsome, kind-hearted “leading man” roles.  I play the offbeat people, which suits me perfectly. Ask any actor you know whether he or she would rather […]

  • Your Input Needed for Upcoming Blog Post and Newsletter Topics

    Okay, I need some input from you folks: I’m working on my next quarterly newsletter. I see from my MailChimp report that a decent number of you are opening my newsletters, which is great, as I do put a lot of work into each issue. Links don’t seem to be of much interest to my […]

  • I Brought My Full-Day eLearning Voiceovers Bootcamp to the West Coast!

    My client Green Mountain Coffee Roasters recently flew me out to Seattle to teach another session of my full-day eLearning Voiceovers class for their Sumner, WA site.  This is the third site I’ve visited for GMCR so far, and once again it was a great bunch of students, all willing and eager to dive into […]

  • eLearning Voiceovers Tips on Basic Audio Equipment

    Here’s some basic advice about tools that I always share with my students in the eLearning voiceovers classes I teach: For recording your eLearning voiceovers, don’t waste your time and money on a headset microphone.  It may seem more convenient, but you’re not going to get the quality of sound you need to keep people […]

  • Teaching and Coaching in Knoxville, TN

    I’m brewing up some more teaching and coaching: One of my clients is flying me down to their Knoxville, TN office this week, where I will provide some one-on-one Presentation Skills coaching to executives, and also lead my full-day “How to Create and Deliver eLearning Voiceovers Like a Pro” course for a group of 15-20 […]

  • I Received My Verified Certificate in Gamification

    Professor Kevin Werbach’s excellent Coursera offering on Gamification concluded last week, and I have just received my Verified Certificate of completion.  I wrote a blog post about my experience with the course, and since that post, I participated in the final Video Office Hours with Professor Werbach, which was both fun and interesting.  I also […]

  • My Giving Voice to Your eLearning Talk at ASTDNY Was a Hit!

    On Tuesday, May 14th, I gave my talk Giving Voice to Your eLearning at a Manhattan meeting of ASTDNY’s eLearning Special Interest Group, for a fun and appreciative audience.  My thanks to SIG co-chairs Enid Crystal and John Galto for inviting me, and to attendees for their participation and enthusiasm. For those of you who attended, […]