“Andrew was very engaging as a presenter. He was supportive and positive–making everyone feel they were successful. His examples were relevant and real world–an absolute delight–I’d love to take more classes with him.  I learned a lot!”Learning Solutions 2011 Student

I have offered a number of highly-praised training sessions through the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions conferences and Online Forums. I am now pleased to offer these sessions to you and your company’s team members:


You may find that one or more of these courses (described in detail below) will serve as an excellent introduction for you, and that you will want to follow up later with my individualized coaching as a more advanced step.  

In addition to the courses offered on this page, in 2011 I gave the opening Keynote talk for the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum on Audio and Video in eLearning. My session about using Voiceovers to add the Human Factor to eLearning was so well received that the Guild made it available to the public for free as a sample of their offerings for almost a year. It is still available to Member Plus and Premium members of the eLearning Guild in the Guild’s online archives.

I can deliver the courses listed below either in person, or virtually. The cost is higher for in-person delivery because it requires additional time and travel on my part. For those on a budget, the virtual sessions work very well indeed. If you need more information about any of these offerings, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Duration: 60 minutes
Delivery Method: In person or virtual
Cost: $250 virtual; $500 in person (plus travel + expenses)
Session Objectives:

  1. When to use voiceovers in eLearning projects — and when not to use them
  2. Tips and tricks for getting the best out of in-house amateur voiceover talent
  3. Tips and tricks for selecting the right professional voiceover talent for your project
  4. Tips and tricks for ensuring successful recordings/playback in your courseware

I created this session for three types of people: 1) Those who have not yet used voiceovers to enhance their projects, 2) Those who are not happy with the quality of voiceovers in their projects up to now, or 3) Those who have never given any thought to the importance of using the human voice as a powerful tool in making learning experiences richer and more memorable.

As we all know, while asynchronous eLearning offers many proven, tangible benefits, it is missing the personal attention and encouragement that a good instructor can give to each  student. To fill that gap, eLearning courseware needs a strong “voice” to engage the learners. Without it, you run the risk of creating courseware that comes across as dry, impersonal, and boring. Even when using voiceovers, not all voices are the same, just as not all projects are the same. Matching the right voiceover artist with your project can greatly enhance your learner’s enjoyment of the course, and encourage far greater retention of your key learning points.

This course will examine when to use voiceovers in your eLearning projects, and will include detailed discussion of how to ensure the best results whether you are working with in-house amateur voiceover talent or with professional voiceover artists. Throughout the session, I will share specific tips and tricks for recording success as takeaways.

Attendees will leave the course with a clear, basic understanding of what it takes to create successful voiceovers for eLearning, even on a low budget, and with specific tips and tricks to apply on the job for ensuring success at each step of the process.

Duration: 60 minutes or full day
Delivery Method: In person (recommended) or virtual
Cost for 1-hour version: $250 virtual; $500 in person (plus travel + expenses)
Full day: $1k (up to 12 students)

Session Objectives:

  1. Choosing and using compelling words
  2. Enhancing your message with every move and gesture
  3. Embracing eye contact
  4. Fielding even difficult questions like a pro

With today’s economy, organizations need passionate, articulate advocates now more than ever to ensure adequate executive support and funding.If you’re reading this description, you’re probably passionate about your field. But do you know how to share that passion with others in a way that wins their support? Whether you’re presenting new ideas to your own team, your company, or attendees at a conference, mastering basic, proven presentation skills can make the difference between being forgotten and being sought after as a passionate advocate in your field.

Attendees will leave the course with a clear understanding of what it takes to deliver information in a way that is entertaining, engaging, and compelling, including specific tips and tricks to apply back on the job for ensuring success.  This session is intended for professionals who have a strong need to build public speaking confidence, communicate ideas in a compelling way, and win over any audience. This is an ideal introductory session prior to engaging me for one-on-one presentation skills coaching.

Duration: full day
Delivery Method: In person
Class Size: @12
Cost: $1500 (plus travel + expenses)

Session Objectives:

  1. Optimizing your script for voiceovers
  2. Preparing your voice
  3. Preparing to record
  4. Recording your voiceovers
  5. Editing and enhancing your recordings
  6. Sharing your results

eLearning courseware often needs a strong “voice” to engage the learners. Without it, you run the risk of creating courseware that lets the audience disengage. And while “synthesized” text-to-speech voices are improving, they are still no match for the depth, soul, and variety available in the human voice. Are you an eLearning specialist or subject matter expert who has been designated the in-house voiceover talent for your company, without any training or preparation? Providing high quality voiceover performances  for your eLearning projects requires knowledge, skills, and most of all, practice. If your eLearning voiceovers don’t engage the listener, you risk losing your audience and your message.

In this hands-on full day workshop, I will coach a limited number of participants on the voiceover process start to finish, from revising the script to enhance impact through creating the final sound file. Participants will learn key basic skills, and apply those skills to revising scripts, reading sample voiceover “copy,” making practice recordings, and sharing feedback in a supportive environment.  Each participant will have opportunities to create multiple practice recordings and receive personal feedback from the instructor and fellow participants. The day ends with participants sharing their best work from the day in a supportive round-robin session.

Attendees will leave the session with a clear, working knowledge of how to deliver successful voiceover “performances” for eLearning, including specific tips and tricks to apply back on the job for ensuring success in front of a microphone. This session is intended primarily for eLearning professionals who have been assigned the task of creating their own voiceovers in-house. Skills learned will also apply readily to those coaching and recording Subject Matter Expert (SME) or other internal voiceovers, and to those working with outside professional talent as well.



“Excellent presentation, filled with a lot of interaction and practice.”
“The instructor was excellent.  I’m excited to use what I learned in my eLearning. All the material is immediately applicable.”
“Great course–I learned a lot I can bring back to my team!  Thanks!”
“Andrew’s session was fun, informative, hands-on and useful!”
“Andrew had a great course. He created engaging content and activities.  Really covered all topics related to the course.”
“Andrew is great! He is approachable and highly knowledgeable in the subject of voiceover acting.  The warm-up techniques are going to make a world of difference. I can’t wait to get started.”
“Great session! I’ve been looking to improve this aspect of my trainings since I started out.”

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