In Loving Memory

Apologies that I haven’t been posting much over the last couple of months.  My beloved dad passed away in early November at the age of 88 after a brief illness.  I’ve been taking time this fall to handle some family matters, and to size up what the world looks like when both of one’s parents are gone.  My recollections have only served to reinforce how very, very lucky I was in both my parents, who were always supportive but entirely clear-eyed at the same time.  I don’t think it would be possible for me to be who I am today if they hadn’t both paved the way.  My mother passed away over 30 years ago, and my father just last month, but they both loved teaching, and learning.  And me.  And for all those things, I will be grateful until my own dying day.

If you’d like to read an anecdote about my parents, and see a couple of vintage pictures, check out this post on my acting web site:

I’m back on my blogs again now, just in time for 2011, so stay tuned for some exciting developments!