Learning Consulting

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Does this sound like your company’s last Digital/eLearning project?

“We had so much to say in our course. I tried to fit it all in, but we still overlooked some key content, and had real trouble organizing it. The final result came in late, over budget, it’s too long, it’s boring, and it’s leaving people confused and irritated. We need help!”

Don’t worry.  Help is only a call or email away.  While every year brings new variations on learning theories, the basic principles of the ADDIE model have withstood the test of time. I view it as a flexible string of core phases rather than as a lockstep recipe. I recommend creating Digital/eLearning content in more agile rapid development tools like Articulate Storyline or Articulate Rise, so we can plan carefully and still remain as flexible and open to inspiration as possible throughout the creative process!

A Analyze Determine what’s really needed (need to have vs. nice to have)
D Design Structure your content for maximum impact and retention
D Develop Create your learning materials
I Implement Share the learning with the target audience
E Evaluate Measure the effectiveness of the finished product

I have been performing the first four steps of this process for over 15 years now.  You can engage me for one or more of these four roles as needed for your project.  I perform all my work using plain English, not technobabble or learning-speak.  I come to each project with the same clear eyes your audience will bring to it.

When consulting for you, my watchword is always “clarity,” and your content is always king (or queen, as the case may be).

Services I Offer:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Instructional Design/Storyboarding
  • Course and Simulation Development using Articulate Storyline or Articulate Rise (demo, practice, quiz)
  • Analysis of Existing Documentation/Content

I charge a competitive hourly rate.  Contact me for more information.