Listen to My New Voiceover Demos!

Andrew Sellon Voiceover DemosI’m delighted to announce that I now offer  voiceover samples on my Voiceovers page.  I’ve always had a commercial v/o demo, but now I’ve added a host of others in a variety of categories, including eLearning, Documentary, Animation, World Dialects, and more.  A number of the samples are tongue-in-cheek, so I hope you have as much fun listening to them as I did writing and recording them.  In addition, the new samples have music by my old friend Elliot Sokolov, a fantastic composer and a great collaborator who has created music for film, television, and theatre.

To hear my new demos, click the Voiceovers link on this site, or click the microphone image on this post to visit that page.   If you want to hear more, you can follow this link to my acting web site where you can launch each of 10 clips individually from the links provided on the Voiceovers page there.  Some of the clips contain more than one sample.  On both my sites, I’m using SoundCloud and HTML5 to present the voiceover samples, so they should play on any device that supports HTML5.

A note about the music: If you want to know more about Elliot, or if you’d like to take advantage of his services as composer or sound engineer, I encourage you to visit his site by clicking here.  He’s a great guy to work with, and can compose just about any kind of music imaginable!