New Interactive Sample of Exploratory Exercise Just Posted!

Exploratory ExerciseAs you may know, I enjoy using Articulate Storyline to create eLearning solutions for my clients.  And Articulate has built up an impressive eLearning Heroes community of users on their web site.  Each week in the forums, Community Manager David Anderson posts a new eLearning challenge.  Anyone who has a little spare time is invited to participate.

I’m usually too pressed for time to join in, but I’ve enjoyed checking out some of the creative solutions other community members have offered on the various challenges.  This week, however, the challenge was about audio setup tips, and while I was late to the game, I had an hour to spare.  After all, I’m an actor and I do professional voiceovers.  So I jumped in and came up with a response.

The challenge was to provide three things:

  1. A description of your audio setup
  2. A photo of your setup
  3. Three audio setup tips

I decided it would be fun to combine all three by creating an interactive photo of my desktop.  Now you get a peek at just how messy my desktop can get!  I took a photo of my setup, then opened it in Storyline, and used their Markers feature to add 16 interactive points of interest.  You can explore one or all of them.  Mousing over a marker provides a description, and clicking on it opens a window with more details and helpful tips.  (Granted, I provided more than three tips!)

I’ve posted this exploratory exercise on my eLearning Samples page.  You can view it there, or jump directly to the exercise by clicking here.