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  • Exciting News! Check Out My Updated FREE Digital Learning Overview Course

    Looking for some guidance on the process of creating Digital Learning (eLeaning and more)? Not sure what you need or where to start? I’ve got you covered. Take a few minutes now to check out the updated version of my popular Digital Learning Overview Course. It’s free, it’s fun, it’s brief, and it will give […]

  • New eLearning Overview Built with Articulate Rise Featuring Fully Responsive Design!

    It’s a great time to be creating eLearning; development tools continue to evolve, and a new player on the scene is a real game-changer–especially if you need high quality mobile learning.  As if  Storyline wasn’t great enough, with their new Articulate 360 suite, Articulate now offers us Articulate Rise.  The main difference between Storyline and […]

  • Delivering Your Information With a Fun Soundboard

    My schedule these days is busy enough that I’m not always able to take part in the weekly eLearning Challenge over on the Articulate Forums. But there have been a couple recently I couldn’t resist as a voiceover artist. For one challenge, the task was to create a simple example of a soundboard; in other words, a […]

  • Free Animated GIFs to Motivate Your Learners

    This week’s eLearning Challenge on the Articulate forums was to create an animated GIF image file. There was a further requirement that it be a “reaction” shot–the kind of thing you see all over the internet these days. I decided rather than using goofy footage from a popular film or television show (which can introduce […]

  • Free Your eLearning Navigation From the Straight and Narrow

    This week’s eLearning Heroes Challenge on the Articulate Forums was all about course navigation. And you know what?  It’s always a good time to talk about navigation. If you are still creating all your eLearning courses with a strictly linear path, then you’re missing a major opportunity to engage adult learners. I know what you’re thinking: […]

  • My New Interactive Sample Teaches Grammar With Humor

    My New Interactive Sample Teaches Grammar With Humor

    Admit it. Sometimes nice, bland characters aren’t all that interesting or engaging.  I’ve been an actor for more than 30 years, and I’m a character actor, which means I don’t play those handsome, kind-hearted “leading man” roles.  I play the offbeat people, which suits me perfectly. Ask any actor you know whether he or she would rather […]

  • Fun With Flat Graphics and Manager Training!

    I got carried away again. The Articulate eLearning Heroes Challenge (#50) for this week was actually very simple: create an image of a workspace using the very popular (thanks, Apple) flat graphic design style. Easy, right? This is actually not a style I’ve really embraced, so that made it a good reason to take on the […]

  • Storyboarding 101 – Creating Your eLearning Blueprint

    Storyboarding 101 – Creating Your eLearning Blueprint

    This week’s eLearning Heroes challenge (#48) on the Articulate Forum is all about the basics of Storyboarding. This is an essential topic, and one always worth revisiting! Here are the questions posed by moderator David Anderson of Articulate, and my answers: How do you define scripting, storyboarding, and prototyping?  Scripting: I define “scripting” as the proposed wording […]

  • Check Out My eLearning Portfolio Right Here On My Web Site!

    Check Out My eLearning Portfolio Right Here On My Web Site!

    David Anderson, that clever devil also known as Community Manager over at the Articulate Forums, has gotten me hooked on his eLearning Challenges.  Time doesn’t always permit me to join in, but I did last week, and here I am again this week.  Maybe it’s the start of a trend. This time the challenge was […]

  • Play My Fun New Call Center Game Demo

    Play My Fun New Call Center Game Demo

    This week’s eLearning Heroes’ Challenge on the Articulate Forum (Challenge #47, for those of you who are counting) was to create a quick sample of a call center module.  After all, sooner or later most customers have a need for some form of call center training.  Thanks, moderator David Anderson, for another great challenge! Since I […]