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Employee Engagement Videos for Bernard Hodes Group

I don’t typically post information about my acting performances on this blog; you can read about my “other life” at my other site,  But I starred in six silly and savvy videos recently for the Bernard Hodes Group about employee engagement, and I think that topic merits a post here.  The first two videos are out, and four more will follow.  Writer/director Dewey Moss takes an extremely clever, retro sitcom approach to publicizing the dangers of allowing your employees to disengage from the work at hand.  The Bernard Hodes Group provides guidance on how to bring your employees back into the fold.  These are fun video clips, but they make a very real point that should speak to any business.  You can see the videos on YouTube by clicking the image on the right.  Enjoy!

Facilitator Guides for MetLife Leadership Training

I’ve been busy for a few weeks now creating facilitator guides for two instructor-led management and leadership courses for MetLife.  Versions of these guides will be used in both the U.S. and internationally.  Inspiring stuff!

More Simulations and Voiceovers for MetLife

I’ve just finished creating another two simulations for MetLife’s internal training organization.  I did the instructional design, wrote the scripts/storyboards, created the simulations using Captivate, and created the voiceovers as well.  I created a number of them earlier in the year for MetLife, and am looking forward to creating more later this year.  Brief, just-in-time simulations like these are great for getting the point across to the learners quickly and easily right when they need the information.  And I always love being “the voice” that shows the way!

Learning Solutions Conference Was a Blast!

I had a great time at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2010 conference at the Disney Hilton in Orlando, Florida.  I had a lot of fun presenting my seminar Giving Voice to Your Learning, a primer about the do’s and don’ts of including voiceovers in eLearning.  My audience was great, with lots of good ideas and discussion based on our mutual real-world experiences.  I also enjoyed presentations by many of the other experts at the conference, and came away armed with lots of good ideas.  Keynote speakers Sir Ken Robinson, Jonah Lehrer, and Leonard Brody all gave extremely thought-provoking talks.  I also enjoyed meeting and talking with many eLearning vendors present at the Expo.  All in all, a great experience.

If you attended my talk, I hope you’ll share your comments here on my site; I’m always eager to hear what you’re thinking.  And if you missed my talk but would like to engage me to present it at your organization, just call or e-mail me.  My talk touches on gettting the most out of voiceovers from both internal (amateur) talent as well as external pros.  I received a lot of great response from attendees afterward, so I’m glad I hit the mark with everyone’s needs.