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More Communications and Simulations for MetLife

One of my projects this fall was partnering with the folks at MetLife on preparing communications pieces, job aids, and how-to guided tour simulations for the launch of their new internal MyLearning site interface.  I created a series of communications pieces, from the executive e-mail announcement down to a series of monthly “did you know?” follow-up spots for the site itself to be used in the first quarter of 2011.  I also consulted on and revised the proposed storyboards for the guided tours of the site’s new “look and feel,” and provided the voiceovers for both tours.  In addition, I created a series of step-by-step job aids for the most common tasks for each job role.  We delivered everything on schedule, and the new site launched successfully with all support tools in place on Monday, December 20th.  Next up in January 2011: more simulations introducing key new features of the site!

Adding Diversity to eLearning Projects with Characters

I’m enjoying consulting on a variety of eLearning projects for Hess Corporation; very nice people, and interesting challenges.  I’m always impressed at how strongly large corporations like Hess and MetLife are committed to an ongoing policy of re-examining their processes and enhancing their eLearning to better engage and empower the target audience.  And the fact that they seek an “outside eye” like mine is another sign that they’re not looking to repeat themselves or rest on their laurels, which is great news for their employees.

One easy way to make your eLearning “speak” to your audience: add character.  Make sure your images, and your voiceover talent, reflect the breadth of your company’s talent pool–not just male/female, but also different cultures and different generations.  If your course has two narrators, why make them two men of roughly the same age, basically indistinguishable from each other?  When you differentiate them, you create more unique and interesting characters, and you also reflect more of your employee base.  If one narrator is a young Caucasian man from New York, perhaps the other is a middle-aged or older woman from India.  Perhaps one is the mentor and one the “newbie” at the company; and don’t assume the young person is always the new kid!  Of course, the personalities you choose will differ depending on the course material being presented, and on your target audience for a given project.  But it’s a double win when you embrace the many different kinds of diversity and give your course narrators and images some real, and relevant, character.

Performance Review Process Simulations for MetLife

I’m currently working on a series of a dozen simulations and job aids documenting the process and procedures around MetLife’s year-end performance development process.  I am designing and building these simulations, as well as writing the scripts and providing the voiceovers.  My goal here is to clarify and simplify a complex process so that associates, managers, and stakeholders (feedback providers) all understand their unique roles and how to accomplish their tasks in MetLife’s online performance system.  This project means lots of time working in Captivate and recording voiceovers, which I always enjoy!

Facilitator Guides for MetLife Leadership Training

I’ve been busy for a few weeks now creating facilitator guides for two instructor-led management and leadership courses for MetLife.  Versions of these guides will be used in both the U.S. and internationally.  Inspiring stuff!

More Simulations and Voiceovers for MetLife

I’ve just finished creating another two simulations for MetLife’s internal training organization.  I did the instructional design, wrote the scripts/storyboards, created the simulations using Captivate, and created the voiceovers as well.  I created a number of them earlier in the year for MetLife, and am looking forward to creating more later this year.  Brief, just-in-time simulations like these are great for getting the point across to the learners quickly and easily right when they need the information.  And I always love being “the voice” that shows the way!