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I’m Giving the Opening Keynote Talk at the eLearning Guild Online Forum on July 21st!

Sorry not to have posted this before now, but it’s been a surprisingly busy summer!  I’m very pleased to announce that the eLearning Guild has asked me to be the keynote speaker at the opening of next week’s Online Forum about media in eLearning.  My talk will be 11:30 AM Eastern, and then they have two days of great sessions about best uses of audio and video in eLearning courseware.  My talk is entitled The Human Factor: Making the Case for Voiceovers in eLearning.  I discuss the importance of the human voice in online training, and how much or how little to use.  I also explore the pros and cons of voiceovers created by real people (whether professional actors like me, or subject matter experts) versus the new wave of enhanced synthetic text-to-speech voices available in today’s marketplace.

If you’re in eLearning and not already signed up for the Forum, I urge you to click the image on this post, and explore all the offerings that you won’t want to miss.  I’m very eager to sit in on the other presentations over the two days, as using media effectively in eLearning is more important than ever.

I hope I’ll “see” you online next week! 😀

My eLearning Guild Voiceover Seminar is Friday October 8th

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Heidi Fisk of the eLearning Guild has asked me to give an encore presentation of my seminar Giving Voice to Your eLearning, which I originally gave at the Guild’s March 2010 conference in Orlando.  My online encore will be this Friday, October 8th, as part of the Guild’s October Online Forum on incorporating media in eLearning.  This will be different for me from the March presentation, as this time of course I won’t actually be in a room with participants.  At the online forums, participants don’t have speech capability, but they do have chat and polling ability, so I’ve retooled my presentation to align with the online conference technology.  I’ve also added a little bit of new content, and am looking forward to sharing my introductory session with Friday’s participants.  Many thanks to the tireless Tammy Olson of the Guild, who has worked with me to prepare and test the tech aspects of my presentation.  I couldn’t have done it without her! 

If you’re participating in the online forum this Thursday and Friday, my session is #402, at 11:30am Eastern on Friday, October 8th.  You can still sign up and see the full agenda by clicking the Online Forums image on this post.  I hope to “see” some of you there!