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New eLearning Samples Page Overview Video

The latest eLearning Heroes Challenge (#49) on the Articulate Community Forum was all about using your webcam as a quickie teaching tool.  Moderator David Anderson keeps coming up with such great and creative challenges!

And while I love being creative, the practical side of me is always saying “Make something you can use on your web site!”  So I decided to make my webcast into a mini-tour of my eLearning Samples page.

I used Articulate Replay to record this little project.  While I remembered quickly that, like Articulate Storyline,  it can’t record captures from my Mac environment, working within Windows it came together pretty quickly.  I also learned that recording it all in one take wasnt working out–as a performer, I had no problems presenting it, but in each of three tries, my Macbook Pro’s mike input ended up with static in the audio at one point or another.  And as this first version of Replay doesn’t really have advanced editing tools, separating out the simultaneous audio track wasn’t going to happen.  Still, this exercise was about learning, and I learned a lot.

Of course, I came up with a basic script beforehand so that I wouldn’t be fumbling for words.  And I had to set up my neutral backdrop and a bit of lighting.  And wait for that helicopter to get out of earshot.  But once all the elements aligned, it fell into place, and I have to say Replay made it very easy to shift focus and add transitions.  Have a look, and let me know what you think!

A New Addition to My eLearning Samples Page!

LCSNA DemoI’ve added another brief demo to my eLearning Samples page.  A prospective client wanted to see a demo that makes use of Storyline’s Variables and Conditions features, as well as the Screencast feature.  So I decided to have a little fun with it, and crafted a short sample that promotes one of my favorite non-profits: the Lewis Carroll Society of North America, a group of men and women of all ages dedicated to literacy, and to studying and celebrating the life and works of author Lewis Carroll.

To view all my current samples, click here:  eLearning Samples page

To launch the new addition, click the image or click here: Lewis Carroll-themed demo