Have you heard any of these about one of your projects?

“I forget the topic.  Her voice was so boring I tuned out.”
“He may be a great executive, but he’s no great speaker.”
“I turned the audio off. I couldn’t take that voice another minute!”

I can help with all of that. I know there’s a lot of low-budget voice talent out there these days. If you don’t think it’s worth investing in truly professional voiceovers for your project, ask yourself this:

What really delivers the message in a television or radio ad? Sure, the catchy music, arresting visuals, and clever copy might pique your interest. But if the message stays with you, it’s due in large part to the voiceover artist. It’s not just about the voice being pleasing to the ear; the voice needs to sound right for the message. It must be knowledgeable, confident, and persuasive. It needs to be genuinely engaging.  It has to get inside your head. 

The industry leaders hire pro talent for their commercials and projects because they know in the long run it’s “penny-wise, pound-foolish” to settle for less. There’s a reason I work regularly in theatre, film and television: I deliver. 

When you hire me for your voiceovers, I typically record at my home studio. I am happy to work in a fully-equipped pro studio if the project requires it. I record the finished voiceover script, tweak the audio clips as needed, and deliver the clean final audio files to you in WAV, Mp3, or other agreed-upon format via e-mail. I make your job easier, and your product better. Doesn’t your content deserve the best voice talent to speak for it?

NOTE: These SoundCloud files are provided using HTML5.  If your browser does not yet support HTML5, I encourage you to download the latest browser or an alternate one; you’ll have a much richer experience on the web (and on mobile).  If you would like to hear a broader sampling of my voiceover work, please visit my Acting site.

All original material in these demos is Copyright 2011 by Andrew Sellon.  Original music is Copyright by Elliot Sokolov.  You can learn more about his fantastic music and services by clicking hereAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland is, of course, by Lewis Carroll!


VOICEOVERS RATE: Every project is unique. I will ask to see your content so that I can provide an informed quote. I am happy to sign your company’s standard Non-Disclosure form. Please contact me directly with your specific project needs.