Writing and Editing

Does this sound like your last project?

“I put everything I know onto that page (or slide), but the feedback I’m getting says my message just isn’t landing with my audience. I’m so frustrated. I wish I was better with words!”

You’re not alone. We all want our words to have impact.  But words don’t come easily for most people. That’s where I come in.

Say you have an existing course or communication that’s just not working.  Or you have a rough draft, but it needs polishing.  Or perhaps you’re not even sure where to start.  I am an expert at matching compelling words to your ideas, and bringing those ideas to life.  Here are just a few ways I’ve helped my clients:

  • Writing all content for eLearning courses and job aids
  • Writing voiceover script for learning content
  • Editing existing content to enhance clarity and retention
  • Creating and revising draft communications to maximize impact
  • Writing/revising award applications

In 2007, MetLife applied for Training Magazine’s Top 125 award and landed at #123.  MetLife hired me to wordsmith their 2010 application.  They jumped to #87.  They hired me again for their 2011 application, and again won, this time jumping all the way up to #44!  For a number of years, I acted as ghost writer for a busy executive who knew what she wanted to say, but didn’t have time to create compelling communications.  I wrote in her voice, and her message resonated with her audience every time.

The right words make a difference.  Let me show how I can help you deliver your message.


I charge a competitive hourly rate.  Contact me for more information.