Hello! I’m Andrew Sellon. Here at Sellon Solutions LLC, I give voice to your ideas and stories through a range of related services designed to make your message memorable for your audience:

    • Performance Skills (actors, singers, writers)
    • Presentation Skills (business people)
    • Voiceovers for Subject Matter Experts
    • Courseware Authoring
    • Editing Existing Content
    • Crafting Communications
    • Needs Analysis
    • Content Review
    • Instructional Design & Storyboarding
    • Courseware Development (Articulate Storyline & Rise)
    • Corporate eLearning and PR
    • Entertainment
    • Commercial

If your content isn’t memorable, use the menu at the top to explore how I can help you. Then call or e-mail me. Tell me your challenges and let’s discuss how I can help turn them into triumphs. For many of my clients, Sellon Solutions LLC represents convenient one-stop shopping, a complete and affordable solution. My client list ranges from small, not-for-profit organizations to Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

I look forward to helping you make your next project a success.

  • "Andrew was a key player on my MetLife team, and I was sorry to lose him to another opportunity. When he later told me that he was becoming a freelance consultant, I jumped at the opportunity to hire him again."

    Rosemarie Dizon, MetLife
  • "He is a seasoned professional all around and a wonderful talent who can be counted on at any time. If you are in search of someone who is dedicated, well versed, dependable, and creative, then I recommend that you contact Andrew Sellon."

    Weedens Blanchard, City University of NY
  • "Andrew is a wonderful co-worker who has an attention to detail that exceeds my expectations. His ability to handle the technical side of eLearning and transfer the capabilities of the software and the requirements to those who had no knowledge of the information is astounding."

    Robert Posten, MetLife
  • "Andrew is one of those rare individuals that successfully combines a tenacity for detail with the ability to focus on the big picture. I have rarely worked with someone who is so dedicated to doing what is right - and in an efficient and effective manner. His positive and professional manner are unmatched among peers I have known."

    Erin Hattenburg, McAfee
  • "Andrew helped me experience the impact of speaking from the heart with focus and energy. Despite the same slides and message, my presentation of the material at the end of the session was much more powerful (and literally felt better) than my handling of the same content at the start."

    Tom B, GMCR
  • “Andrew is great! He is approachable and highly knowledgeable in the subject of voiceover acting. The warm-up techniques are going to make a world of difference. I can’t wait to get started.”

    Student from Learning Solutions 2011