Here’s a sampling of what my clients and faculty peers have shared about my impact on their work:

Andrew does transformative work with students. Andrew helps our Genre Fiction MFA Candidates prepare for their thesis readings, and after working with him, each and every student delivers a reading that highlights the strengths of their thesis novel and is a joy to listen to. However, what Andrew gives our students goes far beyond preparation for a reading. He brings forth in our students a confidence, poise, and belief in themselves that will help them enter the professional world knowing that they are capable, brilliant writers. I can’t recommend Andrew’s work highly enough. 

Candace Nadon, PhD, Graduate Program in Creative Writing, Western Colorado University

If the thought of performance coaching makes you nervous, then you haven’t worked with the right performance coach yet. Instead of criticism, Andrew Sellon provides insight. Instead of nudging you toward his own preferences, he encourages you to embrace your own unique voice. With Andrew there is no “breaking you down,” only building you up, leaving you ready to tackle your performance opportunities with confidence, authority, and genuine joy. 

Erica Reid, 2022 MFA in Poetry, Western Colorado University

I met Andrew through Western Colorado University’s Graduate Program in Creative Writing, where he coaches our students before they give their thesis readings. About a year ago, before we started recording the Terra Firma podcast, I asked Andrew if he might give me a few pointers. He wrote back immediately with an enthusiastic “Yes!” We zoomed that afternoon, and in an hour, my ability to read more clearly, more effectively, and with ten times more confidence improved by leaps and bounds—my colleagues at Colorado Public Radio noticed immediately and were delighted!

I take this training with me in every situation, from the classroom to the stage, and I know that, because of Andrew’s wisdom and guidance, my words are reaching hearts the way I intend them to. Western graduates will say the same. Andrew is amazing.

—CMarie Fuhrman, Associate Director and Director of Poetry at Western Colorado University’s Graduate Program in Creative Writing.

Through only a few lessons, Andrew Sellon was able to instill in me the confidence I needed to give presentations and do book readings.  His kindness, grace, and experience created a safe space in which I was able to practice my performance, and his feedback was precise and actionable.  I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Andrew and I simply cannot give a high enough recommendation for his coaching.

R.S., 2023 MFA in Genre Fiction, Western Colorado University

Andrew is one of the rarest of all people, extremely talented and gifted, yet humble and able to intuit what his clients need. His coaching is kind and spot on. Strongly recommend.

—Dan Dougherty, Marketing Consultant

I consider Andrew Sellon to be an essential part of my summer curriculum in the MFA Nature Writing concentration at Western Colorado University. We have a practical and applied program, which means we focus on the skillsets students need to get their work and ideas to an audience—real advice on finding an agent, publication options, submissions, and, with Andrew’s guidance, how to give amazing readings and performances. Frankly, I wish I would have had an Andrew Sellon when I was in grad school. But luckily, our students do, and they adore his honesty and kindness; he receives the highest compliments.

Laura Pritchett, Director, Nature Writing program, Western Colorado University

I cannot recommend Andrew to your program highly enough. Working with Andrew was one of the most unique and valuable parts of my graduate studies. I found Andrew to be brilliant, professional, and highly competent. His nuanced listening and ability to precisely tune into each student’s authentic voice is inspiring. It is clear how much he is devoted to the success of his students. He went out of his way to work with me on short notice for a very important speaking engagement, and I am certain that without his help my piece would not have been as powerfully received. I am very grateful to him and the way his kind intelligence has guided my ability to present and represent my work. 

Tjaden Lotito, 2021 MFA in Poetry, Western Colorado University

Andrew Sellon is a gifted actor, storyteller, and incredible teacher. The way he’s worked with my screenwriting students—taking even the most shy, mild-mannered students—and empowered them to tap into their voice, pitching and advocating for their projects in front of a crowd, has been nothing short of astounding. We are very lucky to have his considerable talents and coaching skills.  

J S Mayank, Concentration Director Emeritus, Screenwriting, GPCW at Western Colorado University

I’ve always been awkward and terrified when it comes to public speaking, yet working with Andrew gave me confidence, clarity, and insight into my work that I wasn’t aware I had. In just a few very short lessons, he helped me not only with the assigned reading, but with all future speaking endeavors with his approachable and compassionate teaching.

JD Langert, 2021 MFA , Genre Fiction, Western Colorado University

Andrew Sellon is the most active and knowledgeable professor I have experienced in my coursework with DU. He is consistently positive and offers excellent critiques. Well done!

E.A., 2022, MFA candidate, Graduate Program in Creative Writing, University College/Denver University

I gained an appreciation for the importance of bringing conviction and passion into presentations, including those that seem mundane (e.g. regular updates). Andrew helped me experience the impact of speaking from the heart with focus and energy. Despite the same slides and message, my presentation of the material at the end of the session was much more powerful (and literally felt better) than my handling of the same content at the start.”  

TB (executive client, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters)

His feedback was incredibly helpful and allowed me to push myself as a writer. He’s very easy-going, and genuinely seems to care about the growth of his students. 

—B.E., 2022, MFA candidate, Graduate Program in Creative Writing, University College/Denver University