Does this sound familiar?

When I get in front of the audience (or microphone or casting director) I freeze, and stammer, and can’t seem to talk like a normal person! I get self-conscious, and can’t connect with my audience to tell my story.

You’re not alone. And I can help.

How the coaching sessions work:
Typically, we’ll start out chatting for a few minutes about your background, your goals, and any specific challenges you can identify. Then I’ll have you share 3-5 minutes of material. (If you’re an actor, I can be your reader for the scene work.) I keep all material shared strictly confidential and am happy to sign an NDA as needed.

Next, I’ll share some initial thoughts and suggestions based on what I see and hear, and when appropriate I might share an exercise or two that might help you; everyone is different, and my feedback is always attuned specifically to your needs in that session. Then we’ll try the material again before working on more. As we work (and play!) you will feel an increased ownership of what you’re saying, and a real joy in sharing your words.

Students have told me even a single 1-hour session is extremely helpful, but of course you are always welcome to book follow-up coaching sessions as needed. There’s always room to go even deeper, and connect with your material—and your audience—even more.

Actors: Whether you are working on a TV or Film audition, a contemporary play/musical, or a Shakespeare play, I can help you get to the heart of the character and the piece. If it’s Shakespeare, I can help you decipher the scene and make it fresh and real. Shakespeare is a specialty of mine; I can help make his language feel natural to you.

Working together, I can help you land your words in a way that will resonate with your audience and leave them wanting more.

“I gained an appreciation for the importance of bringing conviction and passion into presentations, including those that seem mundane (e.g. regular updates). Andrew helped me experience the impact of speaking from the heart with focus and energy. Despite the same slides and message, my presentation of the material at the end of the session was much more powerful (and literally felt better) than my handling of the same content at the start.”  — TB (2012 executive client, GMCR)

One-on-One Coaching Rate: $125/hour

Please contact me for Group Rates.
Actors: if we have worked together, please contact me for my Professional Friends rate.

I accept PayPal and Venmo.