Does this sound like you, or someone at your firm?  

“I have an important message, and I know what I want to say, but when I get in front of the audience (or microphone), I freeze, and stammer, and can’t seem to talk like a normal person! I get scared, and I can’t get my message across to the people who really need to hear it.”

I can help.  I offer two types of coaching to meet your needs: Presentation Skills, and Voiceovers.


Some people have a natural gift for public speaking. Most people don’t. Whether you need to deliver your  message to audiences in a board room, an auditorium, via podcast, or on video, I will help you look and sound your best. With the skills I give you, you’ll be able to drive home your message in a way that engages and motivates your audience. I can also teach you how to incorporate storytelling into your presentations, to heighten impact and make your message truly memorable.

In our one-on-one coaching sessions (in person or virtual), I’ll assess your current strengths and provide you with exercises customized to your unique needs that you can practice after our session. My coaching sessions are one hour long, and you may only need one or two to help you reach a whole new level in your career.

“I gained an appreciation for the importance of bringing conviction and passion into presentations, including those that seem mundane (e.g. regular updates). Andrew helped me experience the impact of speaking from the heart with focus and energy. Despite the same slides and message, my presentation of the material at the end of the session was much more powerful (and literally felt better) than my handling of the same content at the start.”  — TB (2012 executive client, GMCR)


Perhaps you’re creating voiceovers for an eLearning course, or podcasts, maybe using one of your company’s executives or subject matter experts. Most people have no idea what to do (and what not to do) when in front of an unforgiving microphone. Think about some of the recordings you’ve heard over the years. They can be painful. And when that happens, your message is lost.

Using my expertise as a professional actor, voiceover artist, acting teacher, and coach, I work one-on-one to share simple skills and recording tips that enhance confidence and drastically improve results in only 1-2 one-hour sessions.

“Andrew is great! He is approachable and highly knowledgeable in the subject of voiceover acting. The warm-up techniques are going to make a world of difference. I can’t wait to get started.” (Student at Learning Solutions 2011)


I charge a competitive hourly rate (plus any travel expenses) for one-on-one coaching.  Contact me for more information.