Consulting for Telivant

This past fall, I was contacted by Rick Rabideau, one of my former supervisors at MetLife, about consulting with him on his new solo business venture, Telivant.  Rick’s new organization is currently focused on the real estate market, helping realty agents embrace technology to enhance their business.  I agreed immediately; having bought and sold homes myself, and having worked with many realtors, I know that Telivant is addressing a pressing business need for the realty community.  If you know any realtors looking to gain a new edge in this competitive market, you’ll be doing them a favor by sending them to the Telivant site.  I’m doing a mix of instructional design, writing, review & critique–and will be adding voiceovers to one or more upcoming modules.  It’s great to be flexing all these aspects of my eLearning muscles on a variety of Telivant projects, and I look forward to seeing the company blossom as it picks up momentum in 2011. Keep an eye out for it!





2 responses to “Consulting for Telivant”

  1. Rick Rabideau Avatar

    Andrew, thank you for the wonderful explanation of Telivant.

  2. admin Avatar

    My pleasure, Rick! Thanks for checking out my blog. Telivant is a great concept, and I think we’re putting together some excellent suites of information in small, manageable bites that will genuinely help realty agents step up their game in this extremely challenging economy. Most people aren’t techies, after all, so I think the common-sense approach we’re using in the Telivant pieces will really speak to people (and not just in the realty market!). I also think that the people who say “Oh, it’s just a fad, I don’t need to work that way” are kidding themselves and will be left behind. These days, everyone’s customers (regardless of the business) are online. Just since starting to consult for Telivant, I’m seeing success in my own business using the same social media tools that Telivant recommends, so I know first-hand that they work!