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My eLearning Guild Online Forum Appearance Was a Blast

My thanks to all the folks who tuned into my seminar Giving Voice to Your eLearning at the eLearning Guild’s Online Forum.  The participants were great about sharing personal successes, challenges, questions, and ideas.  And I was thrilled to receive great reviews from the online survey responses at the end of the session.  I really appreciate all the feedback I received, and I’m very glad attendees felt their time with me was well spent.  My goal was to focus on demystifying the process of including voiceovers in eLearning, and to provide attendees with simple, actionable tips and tricks to apply whether creating voiceovers in-house, or hiring professionals.  Based on the responses, people left the seminar with a lot of ideas they’ll use back on the job.

If you attended the session, I hope you’ll drop a line here on my web site and keep me posted on how you’re doing with adding voiceovers to your own eLearning projects.  I’m always happy to share experiences, trade ideas, and provide any guidance I can based on my own experience both as the person preparing the course content, and as the person recording the voiceovers.  If you attended the October Online Forum but missed my session, a recorded version is available on the Event Resources page, along with a downloadable version of the supporting presentation, with links and sample templates.

My thanks again to Tammy Olson for facilitating my session, as well as for three excellent preparatory meetings.  And a big thank you to Heidi Fisk as well, for inviting me to present this encore of my seminar.  It was a great experience, and I look forward to more in the future!

My eLearning Guild Voiceover Seminar is Friday October 8th

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Heidi Fisk of the eLearning Guild has asked me to give an encore presentation of my seminar Giving Voice to Your eLearning, which I originally gave at the Guild’s March 2010 conference in Orlando.  My online encore will be this Friday, October 8th, as part of the Guild’s October Online Forum on incorporating media in eLearning.  This will be different for me from the March presentation, as this time of course I won’t actually be in a room with participants.  At the online forums, participants don’t have speech capability, but they do have chat and polling ability, so I’ve retooled my presentation to align with the online conference technology.  I’ve also added a little bit of new content, and am looking forward to sharing my introductory session with Friday’s participants.  Many thanks to the tireless Tammy Olson of the Guild, who has worked with me to prepare and test the tech aspects of my presentation.  I couldn’t have done it without her! 

If you’re participating in the online forum this Thursday and Friday, my session is #402, at 11:30am Eastern on Friday, October 8th.  You can still sign up and see the full agenda by clicking the Online Forums image on this post.  I hope to “see” some of you there!