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Your Input Needed for Upcoming Blog Post and Newsletter Topics

Tenniel Hatter SingingOkay, I need some input from you folks: I’m working on my next quarterly newsletter. I see from my MailChimp report that a decent number of you are opening my newsletters, which is great, as I do put a lot of work into each issue. Links don’t seem to be of much interest to my readers, however, which is surprising as I think I’m sharing some pretty cool free tools and info.

So let me hear from you: what topics are of most interest to you, for upcoming blog posts as well as newsletters? Some possible topics: Articulate Storyline, Presentation Skills, Gamification, Voiceovers, eLearning Script Writing, Needs Analysis, Making eLearning Content More Engaging, Scenario-based Training, Ideas for Mobile Learning, or…?

And let me know what you’ve thought of prior newsletters–more of something? Less of something? I genuinely appreciate all constructive feedback–my goal is to post content that will be genuinely helpful to you! Let me know your thoughts.


My Fall Free Tips Newsletter Arrives This Tuesday: Sign Up Now on My Home Page!

MailChimp Newsletter Signup FormAs you may know, this year I started creating a free, quarterly Tips newsletter, and the response to my first two issues has been great.  This Tuesday I’ll be releasing the Fall edition of my newsletter, and it’s all about the use of color in your eLearning.

In each issue of my free Tips newsletter, I share handy tips and ideas on a range of topics, including various aspects of eLearning, Voiceovers, Presentation Skills, and more.

And if there are particular topics for which you want tips in future issues, just let me know!

Sign up today, and you’ll receive my Fall newsletter–which includes some pretty stunning (if I say so myself) photos of my recent trip to Montreal.

To sign up, just fill out the three fields on the right side of my homepage.  It’s that easy!  I won’t spam you, and I won’t share your information with anyone else.  Period.

Together, let’s keep the eLearning conversation going!